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Smart Products

Smart Product

Who I'm

  • I want to create values for my products through digitalization
  • I have a high demand for tools
  • I want to enhance my product experience through digital services
  • For example “Remote Maintenance”: Through connection of my milling machines with my customer
  • I want to enhance my product experience through digital services

How can I achieve my goals ?

Connectivity of my products
Smart Product

Smart Factory

Smart Factory

Who I'm

  • I want to transform my production to a smart factory
  • I want my entire production equipment to deliver digital data
  • I want to gain insights out of my digital data
  • I want to optimize my production processes through those insights
  • For example: Early identification and prevention of machine interruption even before it occurs

How can I achieve my goals ?

Connectivity of my production
Smart Production

The solution ?


Smart Production

What is Jellix

The open Industrial-Internet-of-Things (IIoT) platform

Our platform leaves no wishes unfulfilled.

Jellix is the open and entirely digital industry 4.0 platform – developed by stemys.
Our technology enables your company to lift your entire value stream to a whole new productivity level.

Design your digital future with Jellix.

  • The entire ecosystem can be easily implemented in your own IT-infrastructure
  • Your digital data can be stored either on premise or in the cloud – it’s your choice!
  • Global real time access to your encrypted data
  • Jellix offers you right from the beginning plenty of smart apps – independently but compatible with your currently installed systems
  • Independent of any manufactures, Jellix as a platform can connect all of your internal and external processes, equipment, machines, data bases and devices or things
  • Since Jellix is an open system it can be entirely modeled around your specific needs
  • Through software customizing we can utilize your complete potential out of your products and production

An architecture to meet all your needs


Our Partners

Our strong partners make the difference for you

Ever since, we are working together with the leading companies in the industry 4.0 segment.
Our mutual goal is to deliver you the best products and digital services so that you can be the digital pioneer in your industry.

Discover our industry partners:

Brütsch/Rüegger Tools
Cofabrik RH
Digi Sens
JAG Process Solutions
MW Programmation SA
Mitsubishi Electric

Without the right equipment even the most advanced technology doesn't exploit its full potential.

Therefore we rely only on standard setting partners.

Use Cases

These companies already profit from Jellix

Industry 4.0 isn’t just a marketing catch phrase.
It is a movement that is happing right now. Equally relevant for small, medium and large companies.

Discover more about Jellix on real business cases:


Alain Kiener

Head of Production Laubscher
All of our company processes are entirely digital now
“Through our Jellix project we have achieved a solid digital basis. We are now able to switch to a state of the art strategy in our production. Furthermore it helped us distinct from our toughest competitors.”

Fabien Bouduban

CEO Tectri
Immediately we liked the open platform and possibilities
“We believe that Jellix with its industry 4.0 platform has managed to achieve a technology that is setting new industry standard. At the same time they were able to meet all of our business requirements.”

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